A Women's Holistic Fitness Vacation

Invite Exploration | Encourage Growth

Enjoy a divine new kind of ‘bikini bootcamp’ that is held in a nurturing and supportive retreat space that honours each individual’s journey while on a group fitness holiday.

The overall goal of our Bali fitness holiday to educate, empower and facilitate the development of what we like to call ‘Blisscipline’, in a warm and supportive environment for women to train their minds, bodies and spirits together!

More than simply offering a temporary physical transformation on your vacation, we invite you to create a new foundation on which to build a lifetime of sustainable and enjoyable health practices and habits.

Supporting All Levels of Fitness

We welcome all fitness levels! Everyone is unique with different interests and abilities, with a daily changing fitness program, you will have the opportunity to give something new a go and challenge yourself in a positive way!

With our private fitness group size set at a maximum of 6 women you are sure to get individual attention in our group classes. Your female trainer will  adjust your work out suit your fitness level and take into account any injuries or special requirements you may have. Importantly, are never any ‘should’s on a Goddess Retreat – both in our fitness program or on the retreat activities as a whole.

Throughout your fitness retreat program you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of  high energy  fat burning, muscle building and metabolism boosting fitness sessions!

  • Core Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • High Intensity Circuit
  • Movement Class 
  • Strength & Resistance Training  
  • Bodyweight  & Weight Training



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